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Also Ronaldo should go home: Cavani smashes Uruguay over Portugal with two goals

196065c0bcff66c9b63beb5ac09f06b9 - Also Ronaldo should go home: Cavani smashes Uruguay over Portugal with two goals

The world cup is going to go Sunday without the two best players in the world. After Lionel Messi with Argentina earlier in the day to go home was sent through France, also went to the Portugal of Cristiano Ronaldo back in their eighth final against Uruguay. The South Americans took the 2-1, Edinson Cavani was the great hero: he scored both goals for Uruguay.

Uruguay has set itself at the expense of Portugal placed for the quarter-finals at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. Experienced fighters Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, with two goals, came as conquerors from the ‘Battle for Sochi’. Cristiano Ronaldo and co. after their triumph two years ago at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS early stage to leave.

The Uruguyaanse wall Diego Godin – José Gimenez vs. Cristiano Ronaldo: that was the main duel within the match beforehand. The verdedigersduo of Atletico Madrid had not a single goal at this world cup. Impermeable so, but it was the attacking qualities that after only eight minutes made the difference for Uruguay. Edinson Cavani kicked a fine cross pass from the half way line in the direction of Luis Suarez and sailed afterwards to sixteen. Suarez went in the meantime, outside, and continued to the second pole. Are spitsbroeder had in the meantime arrived and was the 1-0 with his jaw fantastic in goal. A very long-drawn-out one-two between two wereldspitsen.

A great fight

Ronaldo was strictly not on the other side, Rui Patricio kept his team after twenty minutes in the match with a save on a beautiful vrijschop of Suarez. José Fonte looked exactly like a 34-year-old defender in the Chinese self-employed: he saw the many overtaking, and speed of execution at the opponents. The ball was however more than for the Portuguese, but what did you agree when your superstar is not reached? Precious little, as again, only with legs wide apart before and not after a rare vrijschop. The announced battle in midfield was there, and it was good soccer in the road. Uruguay and Portugal went to rest with zero baltoetsen of Ronaldo in the sixteen.

La Celeste was also very early in the ideal tactical situation for them: the possession of the ball to the opponent, to rely on the fighting spirit and broke out with these two intelligent strikers in the front. One of the Portuguese of Real Madrid hardly could be dangerous, took the other but about. Pepe headed home a corner kick in the back of Ronaldo and Goddess in the target. Sixth interlandgoal of the hard-as-nails defender in his 99ste interland, which he is also the oldest Portuguese is that a world cup goal made (34 years and 124 days).

Goal and injury

Oscar Tabárez seemed ready to put his tactical plan in the trash to aim, but Cavani made sure that his coach still didn’t have to switch. The man with the long mane and deposited with much feeling, and in time the 2-1 over Patricio. His second of the evening was, once again after a solid effort for the team. The energy dripped there last night from off him.

Fernando Santos threw veteran Ricardo Quaresma in the struggle. That worried -although incorrectly – the ball to Bernardo Silva, who is incomprehensible about the goal he kicked. Cavani fell suddenly with a kuitblessure, so I worried for Tabárez. Ronaldo, fillings in the sandwich Goddess-Gimenez, looked for it further and further each of the sixteen approached. That ugly statistic -he scored never in the knock-out stages of a world cup-final round – voice also when CR7 by the head.

The pressure was stepped up by the European champion in the lock, but that turned out to be only appearances, thanks to a late spectacular rescue of Diego Laxalt to the goal line. After the triumph in France is Sochi the end for Ronaldo and co. Uruguay bekert further in the semi-finals against France.

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