10 million views for Dana Winner’s “One Moment In Time’

6bc91feb480b8dd8543d17ca22bb44b2 - 10 million views for Dana Winner's "One Moment In Time'

The stunning participation of Dana Winner ‘Love For Music’ in 2016 is still a major global impression. Her performances in the music program gave her a whopping 3 number-one singles in the Itunes charts and a platinum album.

Especially Dana’s rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘One Moment In Time’ know two years after date, there are still people to tears to move. This week, the recording of “Love for music” on YouTube the milestone of 10,000,000 views exceeded. The interpretation of Dana Winner gets two year was a particularly enthusiastic response from all corners of the world. A national TV station in South America have picked up the recording last year, and instantly they were flooded with questions from viewers who wanted to know who the heavenly version of ‘One Moment In Time’ brought. Dana Winner in Brazil, there a true online hit to address. As a result, the clip the past few months, up to 800,000 times per month was reviewed.

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