Woman, Jamie Oliver hopes to sixth child

7bf67dc100b9ca5d411eb4bad84f6369 - Woman, Jamie Oliver hopes to sixth child

Jools Oliver would love to have a little one to add to her kinderschare with husband Jamie. That explains the 43-year-old in an interview with blog Made by Mammas.

Although Jamie after baby number 5 in 2016, declared now to have a sterilization, thinks his wife is apparently otherwise. She would like to be pregnant for them by the end of the year 44, so let Jools know. In the interview she tells that she is sorry that her two eldest, now 16 and 15, very quickly one after the other. “It is often difficult, because they have the same friends and the same friends. And I went there almost gets to two to get with so little time between them.”

When Jamie and Jools indeed still a little Oliver into the world, they will have to think carefully about a name just as original as that of his or her brothers and sisters. The five children of the tv chef and his wife are called Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, Petal Blossom, Buddy Bear and River Rocket.

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