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Why Queen without Freddie Mercury can do

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The Doors without Jim Morrissey, or InXS without Michael Hutchence, there is no dog to look. Why is Queen still large halls and stadiums fill, 27 years after the death of its frontman?

Ne singer is a group, claimed Wannes Van de Velde. But without the singer, it is the group not more. At worst, you get crampy invoiced at a premium rate. In the best case, a solid tribute …

Ne singer is a group, claimed Wannes Van de Velde. But without the singer, it is the group not more. At worst, you get crampy invoiced at a premium rate. In the best case, a solid tribute band of themselves. The exceptions are rare. AC/DC did with Brian Johnson still hits like Thunderstruck, songs that are so associated will be with his voice and not that of Bon Scott. And with Axl Rose, they took a (temporary) singer, within that Bon Scott as a singer and showman at least equals. But tonight, Queen + Adam Lambert at the palace of sports, is necessarily without Freddie Mercury. The Sportpaleis! Not sold out, but this concert is a world tour in which they destinations to play. This weekend Wembley on the agenda. How can that be?

1. The songs

Queen are perhaps the inventors of the stadionrock (if they were not, then who?). We are the champions has nothing to find in cultural centres, these songs need space. And people, many people, to sing. And together, the idiotic Radio Gaga klapgebaar.

2. The timing

There must, of course, first time pass. And then the time is correct also. In the 70s, when they made their first hits scored, you had as rockfan pretty confident to make you out as a lover of the Queen. Because how was that exactly with the strange parcels, the nail Polish, the trippelpasjes of Mercury and flirted with opera? And then imagine the wigs that the whole band wore in the video of I want to break free. Only after the death of Mercury and the forced retirement of the other band members got Queen status that it deserved. It may Brian May and Roger Taylor, therefore, be forgiven, that in 2004 she yet again as Queen to the stage wanted. They were there when crooked for looking at. But in recent years we have become accustomed to in terms of reunions and comebacks. And genres mix and shameless queer , that can be an artist in 2018, much easier to afford. Freddy Mercury is fully in the spotlight, soon comes the film about his life.

3. Brian May

In the band there are but a handful of them, but they exist: the leadgitaristen with the singer to be able to compete for the adoration of the fans. AC/DC was also, especially even, the band is Angus Young. And Queen is always also the band of Brian May. Although samenspeelde with drummer Roger Taylor before Mercury became involved. May, 71 in the meantime, wrote for the band classics like We will rock you, Tie your mother down and Fat bottomed girls. Taylor is also still in, also no mean composer. Bassist John Deacon hooked already 20 years ago, but bassists that do not Sting are called are usually easily interchangeable.

4. The Red Special

A Queen song is from the first second to recognize. Yes, even before Freddie Mercury starts singing. And that’s because of The Red Special. The electric guitar that Brian May himself built, together with his father. The story of the Red Special has been often enough told, patched together with a piece of wood from a mantelpiece, and some chunks of a table. On almost all pictures and all the legendary concerts of Queen wielded May have been the original Red Special, though there are also copies made (you can decide to buy for around 800 euro). A pilgrimage to the Stadium, only to have any real Red Special to be introduced: no, you’re not crazy, you just have a really guitars.

5. Adam Lambert

Only one singer could be directly compared to Mercury: George Michael, himself now dead. That brought on the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992, a legendary version of Somebody to love. When May and Taylor as Queen started to play, they went there first time, Paul Rodgers. The former lead singer of Free and Bad Company, well known for the seventies hit All right now, and not to anyone else. But with his limited zangbereik he could but a handful of the Queen classics. Adam Lambert so but. No rock star, but an amiable boy who, in 2009, participated in American Idol and during the final, if singing along with Queen. He won the match, but could be from 2012, but with the band on the track. After nine years, he has been admirable to know to settle in his role of non-Freddie. He plays the songs faithful to the original, but without every swipe of Mercury slavishly to want to imitate. And even if he plays as a showman are not in the same weight class, he dares to now in almost as wrong parcels to the stage.

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