White shark spotted near Mallorca: ‘Historical observation’

39dc19cb2477da271cad0dfe8cbe1907 - White shark spotted near Mallorca: ‘Historical observation’

For the first time in decades, there is a great white shark or mensenhaai spotted in the vicinity of the Spanish Balearic islands. That writes Alnitak, a centre for marine research, Thursday, on Facebook.

The scientists of the centre are currently on expedition and spotting the shark in the vicinity of Cabrera, an island south of Mallorca, says Alnitak-director Ricardo Sagarminaga via Facebook. According to him, have ten team members, coming from five countries, photos and video of the shark.

The newspaper Diario de Mallorca speaks of a ‘historical observation’. “There were possible sightings in recent years that is not confirmed. But this is the first scientific confirmation of the presence of a great white shark in Spanish were in at least thirty years, ” says Sagarminaga.

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