Tusk: migratieakkoord still no success

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BRUSSELS – “It is much too early to be a success.” That said EU president Donald Tusk after the eu summit in Brussels where heads of government after a night of negotiations, a political agreement on the approach to migration. This was the easiest part, compared with the filling of the appointments on the ground, according to the Pool.

For migrants by sea arriving in the south of Europe shelters built. That is on a voluntary basis, confirmed Tusk. That is also true for the next step: the record by the member states, of migrants who is determined that they are in Europe.

The idea of asylum centres outside the EU is still being worked out. The German chancellor Angela Merkel said that this is only possible if the (African) countries agree to accept, and the UN was involved.

Tusk stressed that the summit should have a clear message to send to ships, also of rescue organizations, to adhere to the law and the Libyan coast guard does not interfere.

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