Trump will Putin speak about elections

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WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump has said that he next month during the summit with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the Russian interference in the American elections, will discuss.

He said that by reporters who are with him upwards in the presidential plane that was on its way to New Jersey.

During the summit in Helsinki to talk to Trump and Putin about the situation in Syria and Ukraine, told the president.

Trump speaks this weekend with two candidates for the vacant post in the U.s. Supreme court. This week, Anthony Kennedy (81) announced that he as of 31 July, is departing as a member of the supreme court. The president wants on 9 June, candidate. That appointment must then by the Senate to be ratified.

About the possible Us to increase the import tariffs for European cars, the president said that his government is now investigating and that about three to four weeks about this and a decision will come.

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