Tourist floats 21 hours on the open sea

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Rethymnon (Crete) – A Russian lady who by her family as missing was specified, shows 21 hours on the open sea, to have gedobberd off the coast of the Greek island of Crete. The woman was looking for refreshment with her luchtbedje, but drifted by a strong current away from the beach.

Employees of the European Grenswachtagentschap, that airplanes were looking for illegal migrants, found the woman and eventually – around 11 km from the coast. She was totally burned when lying the uprooted rescuers took her from the mattress took. The Russian was immediately taken to the hospital, where she needed to be treated to her burns and heart problems.

The husband and daughter of the woman had all that time to go look for her. They beat an alarm when the Russian in the evening returned to the hotel. A quest with a jet ski and ship, the coast guard was in vain.


When she was eventually found, her body temperature plummeted to a dangerous 32 degrees Celsius (for comparison: a healthy body temperature is 37 degrees). Local media speak of a miracle: “She survived a cold night with rain and a storm and had to constantly hold on to her air mattress. The family was to tears when she was saved.”

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