This is the new bad guy in the Family

d680027011b9b606e10205d672818fd8 - This is the new bad guy in the Family

The season finale of Family is not transmitted or there emerges, already have an extra bad guy in the Family. That Stan Friday, stupid things to do during the season finale of the 27th season of Family, there is indisputable. But how will the storyline of Evy and Stan end? Fall off in this storyline victims? Questions which viewers tonight at 21.45 hours to receive a response because in that moment ends the 27th season finale. In the meantime, they are in Boortmeerbeek all have plenty to run for the 28th season and that season will be a lot of surprises. One of them is the arrival of actor David Cantens, that writes The Latest News on Friday. Cantens will be starting in september for the third time, popping up in the soap, and this time the brother of Robyn play and so also the son of Jenny. Cantens was already in 2006 and 2010, in Family to see each time he played totally different roles but always there was a criminal side to his character and that will the third time be any different. Family introduces in the course of the month of september, Jonas Versteven, the son of Jenny. Jonas has a past that is playing tricks on him. Jonas was years ago by his family, dumped, and so he went on the bad path and, eventually, in jail. When Jonas gets to hear that he is under the terms and conditions again, he does everything to a home address and a job. This is true he is with his mother but whether that him just will help is the question. In addition, no one knows that Jonas has a criminal history.

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