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The VAR was a lot used in the group stage of the world cup… and so often had the referee equal (according to FIFA)

The video, assistant referee (VAR) during the group stage of the world cup in Russia 335 times used. That has Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA Friday announced.

The FIFA let us know that the 335 analyzed phases, the veldscheidsrechter the in 95 percent of cases, was right. The VAR came in seventeen cases intervene, with fourteen decisions were changed. Three times confirmed the videoref in the opinion.

The VAR checked an average of just under seven phases per game. On average, it took the intervention of the VAR, eighty seconds. “In some cases, could make the decision earlier, but the ref took the time to make sure the right judgments,” said the former Italian arbitrator Pierluigi Collina, arbitragehoofd at the FIFA.

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