The BAND calls cover Ronnie Flex great compliment

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The BAND is delighted with the new jacket in which Ronnie Flex the hit Embrace has put into it. The result of the collaboration appeared Friday on single.

Ronnie Flex

“We are really very happy with the result and it is a great compliment that this song in this way, a private second life”, finds the BAND-singer Paskal Jacobsen. Ronnie brought his version of Embrace earlier this month to perform at the Pinkpop festival, Friday, he is of the party at the BAND’s Concert At Sea festival. There he brings the song together with the Zeeland band played.

According to Paskal two worlds together now his band the hands has smitten with the Drink & drugs-singer. “But with Ronnie working together feels very natural, because we have so much in common with each other.”

Ronnie is a big fan of the BAND and had always had a weak for Embrace, which appeared in 2003. “I think that Hug, anyway, belongs in the top five best Dutch songs ever written. Maybe it will even be the best.”

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