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Technique plague popprinses Angèle

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Modegoeroes who sometimes give you tips for the perfect festivaltenue, can learn from Angèle: easy sneakers, red tank top with matching sweatpants, surmounted by a bright blue kimono-style dressing gown. Festive and comfortable: perfect.

That jacket went after an energetic reggaeversie of ‘A quoi bon’. After her performance in Ghent, we wrote that Angèle is too big for the small stages. They ‘picked up’ on the big screens while they happily ronddanste, and she was totally not intimidated by the mass of the stage, said she is very touched by the large turnout.

A pity that the technique of soot in the food threw: during ‘Balance ton corps ” started the keyboards dangerously to crunch, and later there were several evil which the public is not heard, but the musicians. That took the momentum out of the show, but as the pace picked up things, she got the audience always: ‘La loi de Murphy to sing early in the set, to crouch and to jump after ‘Je veux tes yeux’ – there was what gepruil, because it was hot.

We even got a number that she was only two weeks ago has written, premiered, a solid hit that ‘C’est current vague’, ‘C’est fou’ or ‘C’est mou’ can be called – they gave the title. Angèles sunny pop and spontaneous presence are cut for a podium late in the afternoon, but we had the impression that she had hoped for her hometown audience.

Angèle, seen at Couleur Café, on the 29th of June 2018

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