Susan Sarandon arrested at protest

96fe0db2761debe42421df7a528e6eb6 - Susan Sarandon arrested at protest

Susan Sarandon is one of the nearly 600 women who Thursday who were arrested during a protest against the uitzetbeleid of president Trump. Thousands of women demonstrated in Washington, where they, inter alia, a building of the senate occupy.

For the action was not require a licence. The protesters called it civil disobedience, but police arrested 575 of them for participating in an unauthorized demonstration.

“Arrested. Stay strong. Keep fighting”, left the 71-year-old actress Thursday night local time. They had hours before that a number of tweets sent from the demonstration. “What a powerful, beautiful action with hundreds of women who demands that the families from each other are extracted, and again be reunited. This is what democracy looks like,” she said.

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