Sudden windfall of FC Twente

b6755be1a7e57825716b45d85a18bae3 - Sudden windfall of FC Twente

The ailing FC Twente can count on the support of a group of investors.

There are glimmers of hope for FC Twente.

According to the relegated club from Enschede have these lenders, which FC Twente, so to speak,a warm heart,” old, signed for a total amount of 8 million euro. This includes the participants that an oral commitment have done”, says the clubleiding there.

,,It is a first draft, because the next time will be more parties to be approached to take part. Want the investors to show that they are squarely behind the club stand”, let FC Twente know.

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FC Twente is according to recent media reports in acute need of money. This is partly due to two miljoenenclaims, one of the tax and customs administration and a of an Argentine football agent. This would be a total of over 10 million euros that FC Twente still have to pay.

Thursday, there seemed to be barely shot in the case. FC Twente was already in a call, but the problem for the tukkers was that the investors only wanted to invest in the future. None of all wanted to money available to old accounts to redeem. There seems now to be changing come.

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