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Stoffel Vandoorne after the tenth time: “learned a Lot but have no idea if we are competitive”

204253090d2436ae673d4962ba94e1b9 - Stoffel Vandoorne after the tenth time: "learned a Lot but have no idea if we are competitive"

Stoffel Vandoorne talks after the first practice sessions for the GP of Austria from a busy but productive Friday at the Red Bull Ring. Vandoorne hopes now that the hard work of today, also on Saturday during the qualification awarded will be.

Prior to the start of the race weekend in Austria had team-mate Fernando Alonso already let it be understood that McLaren in Austria her car better wanted to know. On Friday, everything was in the sign of the testing of new parts and adjustments of the car.

“It was a fairly busy day today,” begins Vandoorne are looking back at the practice sessions on Friday were held. “During the morning we have mostly new parts and new ideas evaluated. The focus was therefore mainly on consistent laps and drive good, clean data.”

During the morning session reed Vandoorne a eighteenth time but after the break managed Vandoorne managed to work their way to tenth place.

“In the afternoon I could a little more in the rhythm, come with the car and even though I passed to the balance of the car, the lap times were not too bad. We still need to work very hard. As already seen before, it can happen that on Friday, we looked quite competitive look while we then on Saturday a relapse.”

“The important thing is that, during the two sessions, many things have been taught. However, it is still too early to decide whether we’re competitive,” concluded Vandoorne.

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