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BRUSSELS – In the Netherlands filled out some Amsterdam and Rotterdam streets with honking Turks after the victory of Erdogan while also trouwstoeten often a lot of attention to attract and horns produce. In Belgium they make there short shrift.

Last year February was a trouwstoet place on the highway, the E17 in Lokeren. Fourteen people are now condemned by the court in Dendermonde. Damage: fines of up to 4,000 euros (!) and driving bans of three to five years.

The cars stopped in the middle of the highway and blocked, all the noise, the traffic. “This creates a lot of aggression and even racism at other drivers, you should nevertheless understand that that is not the intent,” said judge Peter D’hondt earlier. “There are already enough racists, actually, I try you to protect.”

The judge wants to make a statement. “The facts are totally unacceptable. It is unsafe traffic behavior and provokes aggression and aversion,” said D’hondt. “It is done with the trouwstoeten, at least in our district.”

Fines Rotterdam

In Rotterdam were seventy Turkish Erdogan supporters last Sunday a verkeersboete, after in the major cities, dozens of fans in the street went, and the traffic blocked.

“I stood there full of dismay look. There was a lot of police. Nuisance. The whole traffic was disrupted,” said publicist Yesim Candan to The Telegraph. “That’s not necessary, I think.”

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How many fines are handed out in other cities, is not known. Supposedly it goes in Rotterdam to issue fines for “waiting with possible danger to others’ (140 euro), claxoneren on not allowed way” (95 euro) and ’junction block’ (230 euros).

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