Snowden puts himself in awkward position

a355b797f68807e77db9db2b2f499fc0 - Snowden puts himself in awkward position

The Russian government is in many ways corrupt’. That says the whistleblower of the NSA scandal Edward Snowden, who is already five years in the country in order to escape the American intelligence services. By the judgment he brings himself into trouble.

Snowden spoke with the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. He notes that the inhabitants of the country are aware of. “The Russians know that. The government is the problem, not the Russian people’.

The British newspaper The Guardian, that the privacyschandaal which Snowden the whistleblower was brought out, pointing out that his pronunciation sometimes far-reaching consequences might have. On July 16, meet the American president Trump and his Russian colleague Putin each other. In the US, risking Snowden still persecution, and the chance that Trump’s insistence on the extradition.

Putin must now consider: he selects for the publicity that the capture of Snowden brings with it, or he gives Trump a ‘gift’ in the form of extradition of the privacy activist. Now he became increasingly critical attitude towards the only country that wants to absorb, increasing the chances of extradition.

In the interview with the Sueddeutsche shows Snowden has, however, been disappointed about the support he from Germany. Merkel is not enough in order to have mercy on Us whistleblowers, said Snowden.

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