Search for checkers Cruise in Top Gun 2

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Starring Miles Teller, Glen Powell and Nicholas Hoult are being considered for a major role in the sequel to the classic Top Gun.

Actors Nicholas Hoult and Miles Teller are rumored to be the main choices for the opponent to be Tom Cruise in the highly anticipated sequel to Top Gun. The much-discussed sequel would be in the first stages of production, which Cruise again in the role of pilot Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell. Now is there a search done of an actor who is the son of Maverick’s best friend can play. That was originally played by Anthony Edwards, and found its end in the original film in 1986.

Also starring Dylan O’brien and Austin Butler were considered for the role, but now it seems to go between Hoult, Counter, and Glen Powell. Val Kilmer, who is Cruise’s rival played, comes back in the sequel. Cruise will be a mentor for the new generation of gevechtspiloten in the U.s. army.

The sequel comes out in cinemas next summer.

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