Ronnie Flex-let the dream come true

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Rarely, children have so much sense, had to go to school if the pupils of primary school The Harpoon in Jisp. They have months to wait, but Thursday it was finally so far: when brought thin idol Ronnie Flex a visit to the school!

Ronnie Flex

It’s been eighteen weeks since the 10-year-old Devinho Grooters Ronnie Flex invited to a workpiece. He wanted the rapper quite like interviewing and founded together with other students ’Ronnie Flex Commission. Together with six other students, he did everything to the attention of their idol. Finally see Ronnie is indeed their call, and he promises a time to come.

Thursday came and he finally got his promise after. Screaming he is received by the Ronnie Flex Commission. In a video of the Noordhollands Dagblad is to see how the rapper together with the children eating lunch, and all the questions of the students and Devinho Grooters answers.

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