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“Restructuring for McLaren mean the end”

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The legendary McLaren designer John Barnard to let you know that he doubts whether his ex-team a much-needed restructuring to get back to the top to return, however, would survive.

The Brit is the designer of legendary cars such as the McLaren MP4/1 with the revolutionary carbon monocoque. In his time reeg the renstal from Woking to the victories and the titles to each other and now that is a little different, the last victory dates back to 2012 and the last stage of 2014.

“Management McLaren must be different”
At the launch of his book ‘The Perfect Car’ told Barnard that, in its opinion, McLaren the structure of the management should totally overlapping. He told also that the size of that restructuring probably impossible.

“They have under Martin Whitmarsh a ‘Matrix Management’system was introduced and that should disappear,” says Barnard. “I don’t think that works well, you should be the way of thinking.”

“I don’t know how much time that would take, or that the team is so big, fundamental change, however, would survive. If we the problems, observe that we in 1980 had I had the mindset to change, but when we were still a fairly small company.”

“It is like an oil tanker rechtsomkeer make”
“If you have problems today with the number of employees, as of now, I would not stand to jump for that job. You can compare it with the rechtsomkeer of an oil tanker.”

Barnard finds that the diversification that has come under Ron Dennis, and especially the expansion of the supercars, at the expense of the F1 branch of McLaren.

“I’m always very concerned about,” the Brit continued. “I know that Ron’s idea was to get a group of big companies, a mega-company, as it were, where he was head of. There, he also succeeded in but I think at the expense of the Formula 1 team.”

Ron Dennis
The former star designer had already let understand that Ron Dennis still has to try to to moons to focus on the F1.

“I kept saying to Ron: “Who now leads the F1 team? You have to go back to the F1 go and sort things out, no one else can do that’.”

“Dennis would say: “But I have here someone who can and someone who can’.”

“As I today to the McLaren look, I think to myself that if he is there, but very little had of taken it there now, otherwise it would look like,” concludes Barnard.

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