Petition for 50 Cent to dismiss

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Thousands of people have a petition drawn, in which the American channel Starz, is called the ties with rapper 50 Cent. Following is a Instagrampost of the musician, in which he is actor Terry Crews is ridiculous.

Crews gave earlier this week a statement before the U.s. senate. He told his #MeToo-the experience. In October brought the former footballspeler and Brooklyn 99 actor to the outside that he was unwelcome groped by a powerful agent. He had that story not been previously brought out, because he was afraid that his career would be detrimental.

The petition

“This past year we have seen powerful men in Hollywood and beyond be held responsible for sexual misconduct and abuse,” said the actor during his declaration for the senate. “I wanted the victims to know that I believed, that I, behind them stand, and that I also come to you.”

50 Cent placed right after an insulting meme about Crews on his Instagram. He deleted the post later, and placed a photo where he is supposedly sick in bed. “I recover from the removal of my sense of humor this morning,” he wrote.

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