Perpetrator shooting Annapolis had been arguing with newspaper

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ANNAPOLIS – The 38-year-old man suspected of shooting five people and wounding of three people at the office of the U.s. regional newspaper Capital Gazette in the city of Anapolis, had a long-term conflict with the leaf. That report American media.

The defendant argued in a 2012 lawsuit against two editors of the newspaper. He accused them of slander. The editors had written that the man at the time to others via social media has been harassed. The judge gave in 2015, the journalists are equal and found that their coverage was accurate. The defendant claimed that the news his life has been destroyed.

After the shooting at the editorial office of the newspaper in the American state of Maryland, is also an explosive found, reported the local police. An hour after the attack have bomspecialisten the projectile harmless.

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At least five deaths by shooting on the editors the American newspaper

The police have the suspect within minutes after the shooting began was arrested. The police that he only has acted, and the danger for the newspaper after his arrest over. A few hours after the shooting is the house of the accused examined. The fatalities are two women and three men. All were working at the newspaper, three as a journalist, the other two in a different function.

According to a deputy sheriff were the first agents after only a minute on the spot. “I think we have a lot of lives have been able to save because we are so fast in the building were,” he said.

The governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, said they are “devastated” after hearing of the tragedy at the newspaper, one of the oldest in the U.S. and property of The Baltimore Sun. One of the journalists who were on duty, responded via Twitter. “There is nothing more horrible than to hear that several people are shot while you are under your desk and hear that the shooter reloads,” says witness Phil Davis, before his story went to the police.

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