Njam!-chef Peppe Giacomazza works on belevingsevenement in C-mine

5f90b945452492f0ac1dac4bbd227859 - Njam!-chef Peppe Giacomazza works on belevingsevenement in C-mine

On Saturday 15 september, Golazo sports a new belevingsevenement in Genk. ‘Wandeltaferelen combines sporty hiking and great dining. Njam!-chef Peppe Giacomazza provides for the culinary aspect.

C-mine in Genk on Saturday, september 15, the base for the first ‘Wandeltaferelen’. Participants during a walk of 10 kilometres along Hilly forests and landscapes along the way two times of appetizers to taste. Upon arrival in the ‘foodie village’ in C-mine is the main course and dessert served. In total, the more than 1,500 participants to a four-course menu for the choose.

Peppe Giacomazza – known for his tv shows on Njam! and his restaurant La Botte in Genk – is the chef with service. Giacomazza has roots in Sicily and will also provide an Italian smaakfestijn. “I am honored to participate in this new belevingsevenement in their region to be part of,” says Giacomazza. “Walking combine with culinary delights is a perfect match.”

Also the city of Genk is looking forward to the first edition of ‘Wandeltaferelen’, that this summer, in addition to the other sports events during Sports Is Happening’ place. “Genk is a city of sport. We bring people in movement”, says mayor Wim Dries CD&V). “Genk is a green city, with plenty of hidden gems to explore on foot. If these elements be combined with the multi-culinary gastronomy in Genk, I’m a fan.”

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