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NBA Team installs crypto Mining machines for a good purpose

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NBA charity Mining is now in the Arena of the Sacramento Kings. This is the first major sports team, which donates profits from crypto-Mining to charities.


The Kings have been using recently to one of the first major sports teams, the Solar-energy Arena. Technology is not holding still, so the Team will currencies now works also with Crypto. On Wednesday, the Team announced a partnership with mining goals, to become the first sports team, the virtual currencies to mine. Surprise this does just a few, as the Team accepted already in the year 2014 Bitcoin.

The Team will install the crypto-currency Mining Hardware at the Golden 1 Center. The Center is used by some as a “Communal fire place in the 21st century. Century“ is described. It is a 100% Solar-powered Arena, which has the only professional sports Arena, a Tier 4 data center.

The Team will use the “Empire” models of mining goals, what is Ethereum mining. The profits thereof to be to the development and promotion of the MiningForGood and Build. Black programs.

Education for the workforce

MiningForGood wants to ensure that workers receive a modern education. Build Black support for employees education and training programs, and technology training programs in Sacramento.

Improved experience for Fans

“We’ve dealt with has always been to technological Innovation, whether it is Twitter, Google Glass for home games, or drone technology. It lasted, however, until the opening of the Golden 1 Center, to our Fans and the NBA understand how we take technological innovation and as a core part of our company.“

The Kings have developed the first innovative stage full of technology. With the additional use of Blockchain technology, you can offer one of the best Fan experiences in the world.

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