Mel B in tears to transgender

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Music arranged intense emotions. A beautiful song for frights and worries and even the tears do roll. Mel B was deeply touched by the acting of Brody Ray in America’s Got Talent.

Mel B

Brody chose the song Standing in the Light because he is his own struggle as a transgender woman recognizes in the text. “This song fits with me, it reminds me of the obstacles I had to overcome in my own life,” explains Ray. “I am a woman born. I’m transgender.”

Mel B is clearly moved by his performance and has tears in her eyes. Also, Heidi Klum has the visible difficult. Even before Ray the last notes sung, he gets all a standing ovation. Also the singer succumbs uiteindeijk under the emotion. With eyes full of tears, he hears that he is on to the next round. If it were up to Simon Cowell is, he must quickly own material and sing.

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