“Mean Girls”actors had their orientation hide

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Jonathan Bennett, Daniel Franzese, in 2004 the leading roles in the comedy “Mean Girls” with Lindsay Lohan. They wanted the success of the film use the opportunity to oden as a homosexual. “But our friends and my theatrical agent have convinced me that that was a bad idea,” Franzese this week revealed in a podcast of “The Night Time Show”.

According to Franzese was the American film industry in 2004 is anything but tolerant for gay men. Homosexual actors were often stereotypical roles on offer. Since Franzese from the cabinet came, he was no role for a tough guy more is offered.

At Bennett sounds a similar sound. After he the role of Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend, Aaron Samuels played, he got from his acquaintances of the council to the cabinet and “the key cast away”. Today Bennett this anecdote into perspective, but he also stresses that “it is a difficult time.”

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