McConaughey: fate brought me to my wife

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Actor Matthew McConaughey is still sincerely grateful in his marriage to Brazilian model Camila Alves.

Actor Matthew McConaughey is convinced that fate has brought together with model Camila Alves. According to him, he met her just at the moment that his biological clock began to tick.

McConaughey, known for The Dallas Buyers Club, was finished with life as a single man when he was 40 started to approach him, but was afraid that his chance at finding the great love smaller were with the day. But that changed when he Brazilian beauty met in a nightclub in Los Angeles in 2006.

“The clock was ticking – I would be almost 40 and my plan was to be married with children at that age,” he told the magazine Cigar Aficionado. “But I didn’t want to be nervous, because then you can not have a partner. And then you make too quick a decision.’

“I know men who have to quick decisions, and women who are doing the same. But at that time I was not hunting. And then crossed this amazing woman in my path and that was Camila.”

The couple had chemistry, but McConaughey had to Camila three times request before they ‘yes,’ he said. The actor asked her to marry him on Christmas day 2011, and they married in 2012.

He is now a happy father of three.

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