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“Löw should coach stay”

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Midfielder Sami khedira cope Friday in Bild clearly understood that Joachim Loew should stay on as German coach. “Löw should coach stay” was right for the pick up. Defending champion Germany was Wednesday, surprisingly in the first round off on the football world cup in Russia.

“Löw can and should also coach to stay” crossed the 31-year-old khedira cope from the shore. “The decision is up to him, but he has years of great work, and the team can rejuvenate. As players, we take this blamage for one hundred percent on us. Now We already have the ambition to put it right. After defeats like these times we’re stronger than ever back. In addition, the generation after us of an excellent quality.”

The Juventusmiddenvelder also got questions about his own future. “That for me is currently still unclear. I have some time now and needed to rest to the inexplicable to be able to explain. I understand that questions about my future, but I must first sort it all out and facilities and an explanation. I want no decision to take in the full emotion, depending on two verliespartijen. I will also Jogi Löw speak. About a few days or weeks I will know.”

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