Journalists-killer murder charged

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ANNAPOLIS – The man who according to the police on the editorial staff of a newspaper in the American state of Maryland the fire has opened at the people who were at work, it is Friday, multiple premeditated murder charged. The 38-year-old Jarrod Ramos, hated the Capital Gazette and its reporters because who ever wrote that he is a former klasgenote without reason obsessive had attacked, including through Facebook.

Ramos served in 2012, a criminal complaint for defamation, but was by the court to be in the wrong. Also, the appeal didn’t work. The resentment remained all these years great, so much so that he Thursday the building of the newspaper in Annapolis rushed and on the redactievloer five persons doodschoot, four journalists and a sales representative.

The photos of the victims were Friday on the front page. The main product remained white, to being stopped as though dumb.

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