Ivo will find the Top 40 ’best, however, leip’

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Ivo van Breukelen joined Friday afternoon in an illustrious list of radiopresentatoren. After, among others, Lex Harding, Erik de Zwart and Jeroen Nieuwenhuize he has been the regular presenter of the Dutch Top 40.

Ivo van Breukelen

“The historical awareness of those who all have done there with me,” says Ivo against ANP. “That I should go to do is leip actually.”

Ivo already knew for a while that he is the successor of Jeroen Nieuwenhuize would be. “Then the realization of the set of radio where you added. There, you can actually only go on feel.”

The 28-year-old dj had actually always the dream to be allowed to do.” “That, that, years later, may happen, I think it is very beautiful. I first started listening when Erik the Black did it and I’m always listening.”

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