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Interest associations of legal claims against advertising bans

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Several interest groups want to fight bans on advertising of Internet companies for cryptographic products legally. Despite the adjustments to the rules for Online advertising in Facebook they keep to their plans. With the class action lawsuit, you want to reach, that Facebook, Google, Twitter & co. is the censorship of the crypto economy in the future.

Yuri Pripachkin, the President of the RACIB, an Association for the strengthening of the Blockchain technology and crypto-currencies in Russia, announced to the press that you want to hold on to the class action. You’ll prepare the suit continues, because Facebook does not and did not ban the use of ICO-advertising. You won the fight with legal means “to the bitter end,” by fencing, as Pripachkin to a Moscow news Agency announced.

By the end of March, the RACIB, together with the Korea Venture Business Association (KOVA) and the Association of Chinese crypto investors the common collection LCBT announced lawsuit. Later, the Armenian Blockchain Association (nooor), the Kazakhstan Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association in addition to the Swiss operating company of the Startup platform InnMind came as a plaintiff. Many parties have collected in the run-up money to equip themselves against what could be a very time-consuming and cost-intensive corridor in front of at least two U.S. courts.

Advertising bans: Russian Startups is strongly impaired

For a variety of Russian Startups, it is about Survival. In the previous year, about 300 million in the US alone were collected during the ICOs of dollars. The Situation for Russian companies since January of 2018, is becoming increasingly difficult. The social network Facebook, any crypto-Werbekampnen by the end of January until the Tuesday of this week were completely forbidden. However, banners for crypto-option transactions and ICOs are prohibited. In March 2018, Google followed with its own ban on advertising, a little later, Twitter and Snapchat, there was. In the case of Yandex, which in Russia most influential search engine, there are, in this respect, although no official announcement. But even there, it has become according to the media, difficult to advertise for any and all cryptographic products or services.

Except expenses nothing at all?

You will see if the collective can bring suit in a few months. Finally, the comparatively small interest groups with no Less than a few of the financially strongest companies in the world. Although the plaintiff of the lack of legality of the ban-hammer from Facebook, Google & co. Whether the courts in New York and Wyoming, where lodged the complain, the Conviction will follow, but it remains to be seen.

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