Inspection put Ajax to work

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THE HAGUE – The Health care Inspectorate and Youth (IGJ) has Ajax commissioned a calamiteitenonderzoek to do to the events in the care of Abdelhak Nouri.

Edwin van der Sar

Following is the statement of director Edwin van der Sar earlier this week, in which he acknowledged that Nouri is no adequate medical assistance has been given when he was stricken by heart failure during a practice game in Austria. Two professors in the field of cardiology concluded on the basis of television footage that Nouri faster would have helped.

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According to a spokeswoman, it is common for the IGJ order for such investigations. “It is usually a health care provider. Particular to this case is that a football club is instructed.”

Ajax must report within eight weeks have been drawn up. The club must calamiteitenonderzoek run by a committee who have sufficient expertise and, preferably, consists of independent persons. There is a directive that indicates what the inspection would like to know exactly about the events and the way of treatment.

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