Hundreds of arrests at the anti-Trump protest

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WASHINGTON – In protests against the immigration policies of the American government in the capital city of Washington according to American media almost six hundred people were arrested. The protesters insisted an office building of the Us Senate inside and cried slogans against president Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

The protesters were mainly women who are dressed in white went to. They went on the floor of the building, sitting down and wrapped in silver blankets. When the demonstrators refused the command of the police to leave the premises, they were in shackles being beaten.

In the action were also some Democratic members of parliament present for their support to the demonstrators to express. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand held a sign up with the text: “Stop the detentions now.”

Immigration policy

The American president is under fire for his immigration policies, where illegal immigrants, and their children were separated. Images of young children in cages, and sound clips of crying infants to their mother or father call, caused great social indignation among both spiritual leaders and members of the senior management from the business.

Under pressure from the criticism made Trump last week an end to the controversial policy. Trump is not, however, intend to put an end to its policy of ’zero tolerance’ in respect of people who illegally cross the border and according to him, for a lot of crime concerns.

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