Gent Jazz start under bright sun

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Gent Jazz is Friday started under a bright sky. The festival will open the mainstage with the British vocalist Ghostpoet. Later in the day Baxter Durry, Nneka and headliner David Byrne. The festival was this year, the legendary Italian singer Paolo Conte, bows, Friday July 6, after 4 years again occurs in our country.

The weeklong festival this year may also show off the American hip-hop band The Roots, the pianist Wim Mertens, Jef Neve, and the Belgian jazzartieste Melanie De Biasio. At the Ghent Saint-peter’s square takes the organization from an (already sold out) performance of the Icelandic singer Björk.

But the main focus of the festival is traditional in the Ghent Bijloke, where last year about 34,000 people, the festival is visited. “If we have that number match, is that a bigger success,” says organiser Bertrand Flamang. “Because by 5 days (one day more than last year) seated in place of upright public with, we lose capacity.”

Gent Jazz started last year with a cashless payment system, which is also this year’s event. This year, focus the festival more on young talent, with on the first day the 27-year-old Ghent WWWater and on 7 July the project Than Weiss Starebaby: Metal Jazz.

Gent Jazz runs until July 8 at the Ghent Bijloke.

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