France and Italy collide all about migratieakkoord

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The development of the European migratieakkoord tonight promises to be a tough thing to be. That warning European president Donald Tusk, and that appears also immediately from the reactions of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte. They argue all about the ‘control centres’ in the European territory.

The European Council – the gathering of the 28 heads of state and government of the EU reached on Friday morning, after hours of negotiating an agreement on the migratievraagstuk. Therein decide the European leaders that they the external borders to better protect, ontschepingsplatformen in Africa to set up and ‘centres’ on the legs they want to put in the southern states. There have to be economic migrants will be separated from who is entitled to international protection. The last group is divided over the member states that are willing them on to catch.

The president of the European Council realizes that the work is not over. “It is much too early to be of a success to speak”, said Tusk at a press conference after the EU summit Friday afternoon. “This was the easy part of the work, in comparison with what awaits us when we agree in practice’.

Tusk stressed that the agreement also states that ngos in the Mediterranean Sea ‘to the laws must keep and the operations of the Libyan coast guard not disturb’, and that the EU in addition extra money frees up for Turkey and the Africa Trust fund.

Merkel: ‘More than I had hoped’

German chancellor Angela Merkel, for whom a European solution for the migratiekwestie is crucial for the survival of her government, and go home happy. This is an important step in the right direction. I think that we are here together and that is more than what I had hoped for I to the top.’

But Merkel admitted that the leaders have some work on the shelf. “This is not the end of the road.’

Macron and Conte disagree

The French president Emmanuel Macron calls the agreement a ” victory of Europe and of the collaboration’. The concept of ‘command and control’ is Thursday evening by the French president put forward. On French territory, however, no such centers, said Friday he did. The intention is that they are in Greece, Spain and Italy, the frontlijnstaten where many migrants arrive.

The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte spoke that Friday afternoon immediately. The centres can be in any European country, ” he said Friday during a press briefing following the European summit. “The centers come there on a voluntary basis and is, however, an EU country may need to offer, also France.’

‘Useful and necessary’

The Belgian prime minister Charles Michel said after the EU summit, it is a good, useful and necessary’ agreement, ‘though there are of course a lot of work in order to ensure the implementation’. According to Michel, the European leaders at the EU summit in October to analyze what has already been initiated.

The premier repeated that Belgium at this moment does not intend to voluntarily asylum seekers from the centres in the South of Europe to catch. Dublin is tonight not changed. Today, there is no asielcrisis what the number of migrants, so that question is not now at issue.’

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