Four dead in season finale Family?

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It was written in the stars: Family begins the summer with a twist in the plot size. Put Véronique, her half-sister Amélie in cold blood? That is already what the final scene of the exciting season finale suggests. Therein awakens a bloody Véronique next to the body of the stabbed Amélie. The image is that the hundreds of thousands of fans in the summer to go in. And what, Stan, Emma and Milou? Survive they seizoensslot?
It had a nice moment under the half-sisters are: the birthday of Amélie (Erika Van Tielen), Véronique (Sandrine André) invited to join the glass to the lift. After one cocktail followed the other, making the ladies more than a drunken back came home. There hit the atmosphere, and dropped to a discussion of a damper on the revelry. An argument that the stop at Véronique did the scale tip? It is reasonable to guess as they complete the world wakes up beside the lifeless body of Amélie…
Also the vengeance of Stan (Kristof Verhassel) made for action. Just when he joined the police force wanted to indicate for the collision of Hanne (Margot Hallemans), it comes to a fight with martin (Michael Vroemans). Evy (Marianne Devriese) captured Stan’s weapon and shot him forced down. How bad is Stan coming?

Emma (Bab Buelens) showed in the season finale that they to the utmost wants to go to her daughters Mila and Milou to keep. She had even a kidnapping. Her picnic with the girls ended, however, in a drama. Emma awoke behind the wheel of her car, in the back seat a sleeping Mila and… a lost Milou. Her teddy bear was drifting along the shore of the water, but the girl was no trace. After Emma in panic in the water, dived, came they no more to the surface. What is it with Milou happened? And there with Emma, a fourth victim in the season finale? Ask where the Family viewers in the autumn the answers to get.

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