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Facebook is rethinking Cryptocurrency-advertising-ban

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Facebook is currently considering in January is a done decision, in the case of any advertisement in connection with crypto-currencies of the platform was prohibited.

Advertising-Ban-Replacement Policy

The press release indicates that the new guidelines, advertisements from pre-approved advertisers from the crypto industry will allow, “binary options and the ICO’s” are still banned.

Those who wish to serve advertisements, you must submit an application form with information about your licenses obtained, specify whether they are traded on a public stock exchange or other relevant information to the company.

Reactions from the crypto industry

Iqbal Gandham, UK managing Director at eToro:

“We have always spoken in favour of a more differentiated approach to advertising for crypto-currencies, as we are of the opinion that legitimate providers should not be with fraudulent operators.”

Shane Board, co-founder and CEO of GECKO Governance:

“This suggests that Facebook has taken into account the recent global upswing in the regulation of crypto-currencies in the Revision of their guidelines, as well as the emergence of institutional investment in the industry.”

Antonio Romero, Orvium Co-Founder:

“This is an important step and I believe that there is other technology giants such as Google and Twitter will help the prohibitions and restrictions introduced at the beginning of the year.”

James Tabor, CEO of the MEDIA-Protocol:

“The crypto-space is compared to the entire Facebook market is very small. The prohibition of all crypto-Map prevents the production of content and the conversations that are necessary for the business model of Facebook is crucial. Undoubtedly, segments of your audience are interested in the crypto industry, so as to Exclude all the paid content from an area of interest is bad for your business model.“

Gianluca Giancola, co-founder and head of Design & UX at qiibee:

“It remains to be seen whether Google or Twitter will follow. If you do this, you are likely to implement strict policies to avoid fraudulent advertising, since the user security appears to be the biggest Problem.“

Carlos Grenoir, CEO of Olyseum:

“I imagine a future of decentralized technology, which gives the people more Power and Tech-financing not only large Fund or company limited. As soon as the ICO space regulated sufficiently and free of fraud, it is logical that important public channels are part of the ICO’s Ecosystem and the door for an increased visibility of the area open.“

Will be the submission of the application and the associated costs worth it?

According to senior figures from the industry, it looks like it. Facebook’s platform, achieved a steadily growing user base which now amounts to more than 2 billion people.

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