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Facebook cancels cryptocurrency advertising ban

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Facebook says goodbye to the adopted in January ban and now allows crypto to switch stock exchanges and other companies in the industry on Facebook Ads. Advertisers must now specify, however, obtained licenses and fill out an application form.

The Social Media giant will continue to prohibit Ads that promote ICO’s.

Facebook product Management Director Rob Learn stated in a Blog Post on Tuesday that:

“In the last few months, we thought of how we this policy may improve. We want to be able to be legitimate ads on our platform. Therefore, we are at 26. June our policies to modernise, to pre-approved promotional driving of the crypto industry on our platform. We will, however, prohibit continues to ICO’s and binary options.“

As Facebook announced in January that it will ban ads for the promotion of crypto-currencies, there was a huge drop in crypto-currency markets, by the total market capitalization of crypto-lost currencies within 24 hours about 15% of their value and a Low of $ 485 million US dollars.

Rob Leathern said:

“It is important that we continue to prevent the misleading advertising of these products and services, or remove. You have to report, therefore, continue to content that violates our ad guidelines by selecting in the upper-right corner of any display is the Option to “display report”.”

Facebook’s guidelines are comprehensive and still try scammers to identify and misleading advertising practices. The company will improve this policy and the way you apply it, if your signals improve. Facebook had banned cryptocurrency Ads, because the Ads were a Problem for the users, because they are “advertising, often with misleading or fraudulent practices were brought into connection.

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