EU thinks that Trump Union wants to destroy

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BRUSSELS – The relationship between Europe and the United States, with the day cooler. There is in Brussels now fears that Trump is the EU to break

When Trump still of Harley Davidson held, he met CEO Matthew Levatich. Now frustrated the phases of the politics of Trump making their engines in Europe more expensive.

His latest attack on the Union sounded ominous in the European ears. “The EU is of course up to the U.S. to take advantage”, he claims. “They send their mercedes cars, their BMW’s, their products. At our stuff, they say ’no, thank you’. That is not free trade, that is a stupid trade.”

At the EU summit, the European leaders yesterday on the question of how to deal with the nothing of international agreements to improving American allies prefer seems to schofferen.

Monday is prime minister Rutte along with Trump at the White House. A special message on behalf of the EU, with whom Trump in a trade war is involved, he will not transfer. But Rutte hopes still further escalation to avoid by pointing to the mutual interest of a good relationship.

In his invitation letter to EU leaders showed president Tusk of the European Council are very pessimistic. With the recent debacle of the G7 summit in Canada – Trump left his signature under a joint declaration away, and fell to the Canadian prime minister Trudeau hard on – in the mind, he found that the Trans-Atlantic relationship is under ” massive tension.”

The division goes much further than trade, found the Pool. The Union would do better to prepare for the worst possible scenarios, and advised president Tusk.

The news that Trump with Putin on 16 July, a summit has convened in Helsinki, also makes for a worrisome glances on the European side. Especially the British, who Putin international wanted to isolate after the poison gas attack on former spy Skripal on British soil, would question the meeting with the Russian president.

After Trump duties on European steel and aluminum set up, which go against the rules of the world trade organisation, are now European tegenheffingen of force against American products.

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