Ed Sheeran ride to ’s-Graveland for lobster

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The netherlands seems to be since Thursday in the grip of Ed Sheeran now the superstar in our country for two concerts. However, it appears the singer still relaxing on the path. He went Friday afternoon on the bike from Hilversum to ’s-Graveland to enjoy a lunch with lobster.

Owner Arlo Vlaar and Ed Sheeran

It was a big surprise Friday for the staff and the guests of the restaurant Vlaar in ’s-Graveland, when Ed Sheeran in a time came after an anonymous booking. Also Arlo Vlaar, owner of the restaurant, is impressed. “There is suddenly a pop star in front of your nose. The tension in the kitchen and in the operation does increase,” says Vlaar to NH News.

According to the owner had Sheeran visible to his sense. He decided the singer a bottle of champagne to offer to celebrate his concert on Thursday night was such a success, but Ed drank himself / herself is not. “He should be tonight still occur.” After lunch, went to Ed again on his bike back to Hilversum. “He is very normal remained. An incredibly nice guy”, decision Vlaar.

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