Concert Ed Sheeran has to move

091946d16bb12ab18ac00be940acafbd - Concert Ed Sheeran has to move

The stopped the concert of the British superstar Ed Sheeran is moving to Gelsenkirchen. The city council of Düsseldorf had not given permission for the open air concert of the singer. For his show at the parking lot of the jaarbeurs would 104 trees to be cut down to make place for the stage. Although the mayor promised that the loss of green rich to compensate, were the committee members of the CDU, the Greens, Linke and the Free Voters. Only the SPD and FDP voted for. Sheeran would be on the 22nd of July gig for the 85,000 fans. They get now have the chance to be their idol, but then in Gelsenkirchen.

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