Claim of a million to ’fried rice syndrome’

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Waxahachie – A 62-year-old woman claims a million dollars from a Chinese restaurant because she got sick of fried rice from a warmhoudbak.

Woman claims million for not properly warmed-up fried rice.

Germaine Mobley visited the King Asian Buffet in the Us Waxahachie, and soon became dangerously ill. Eventually she ended up even with respiratory problems in the intensive care unit of a hospital, reports Dallas News.

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The Texan, who eight days in a hospital bed lay now a lawyer in the arm taken who now speaks of the ’fried rice syndrome’. They would be infected with the ” bacillus cereus, a bacterium not well-kept warm pasta and rice for a hefty food poisoning can cause. Mobley claims 850.000 euro.

“The nasi-syndrome sounds like a joke, but it is certainly not”, ” the lawyer said of Mobley.

The restaurant itself says in a comment that they are not responsible for the contamination.

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