Building Consensus around open of ‘command and control’ in the European territory?

ef8d3030bf36b7cf75a18189eec24cfa - Building Consensus around open of ‘command and control’ in the European territory?

At the European summit in Brussels looks like Thursday night is a consensus to grow around a proposal to EU territory ‘command and control’ to open. There can be migrants on the Mediterranean Sea have been rescued will be brought. Who qualifies for international protection would then be transferred to one of the states that voluntarily subscribe to a dispersion of flights plan.

Succeed the European leaders to their opposites on the asylum and migration policy to bridge? It looks more and more to. To halfvier they were still busy with the review of the current compromise text, but still got some of the elements already known.

In the European member states around the Mediterranean Sea would be relatively short-term ‘command and control’ or hotspots will be set up to sea rescued migrants going to bring. Asylum seekers can from there be transferred to member states that voluntarily sign up.

It will also those countries, and thus are no longer the countries where the migrants set foot, which are responsible for the treatment of the files of the asylum seekers that they let it happen. That the link between the country of arrival and the country that is responsible for the handling of the asieldossier is broken, especially for Italy is very important.

The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte refused Thursday to the first part of the conclusions of the European summit to approve it. That is very unusual, but would be inspired by the Italian dissatisfaction with the attitude of the other countries in the migratiedebat. The government in Rome accuses the other member states that they are too little solidarity, and draw up frontlijnstaten as Italy and Greece.

Regional ontschepingsplatformen

The idea to countries outside the European Union ‘regional ontschepingsplatformen’ to cater to refugees and migrants are separated from one another, now seems acquired, but the 28 leaders realize that the realization of it many feet in the earth.

Also on the reform of the Dublin regulation, there would be an agreement to grow. The Visegrad countries (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech republic), stressing out that the decision in consensus and that they in no way offside.

For the German chancellor Angela Merkel is a lot of pressure on the boiler. Horst Seehofer, her Bavarian minister of the Interior, repeated Wednesday night that Merkel, with concrete results should return to the issue of ‘secondary movements’ – in which migrants were recorded in a frontlijnstaat travel to Western Europe. Without a solution, he wants to be migrants at the border with Austria to return it.

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