British security services involved in torture after 9/11

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The British parliament has evidence that agents of the security services, MI5 (internal security) and MI6 (external security) were involved in the torture and illegal uitwijzingen in which the United States after the attacks of 11 september have been guilty.

This is evident from two reports that Thursday have been released by the special parliamentary commission that oversees the security services.

It is not the first time that except for the Americans, the British are associated with torture and uitwijzingen. It is, however, for the first time, exact numbers and detailed information about the costs of uitwijzingen come out.

In concrete terms, to ‘many hundreds of cases of torture and about twenty renditions, in which suspects were illegally transferred to foreign prisons where torture took place. “There are our 198 known cases where British security officers information received from prisoners, which they knew would be assaulted. Until thirteen times were British even if personally present at torture’, it says in the report.

Furthermore, it appears also that the British government opdraaide for a large part of the costs ” of at least three renditions’. However called Jack Straw, between 2001 and 2006, minister of Foreign Affairs, the messages consistently conspiracy theories.

Unforgivable actions

The researchers emphasize that there is no evidence that British agents themselves suspects have been mistreated. Just as little was it an internal policy that human rights violations by allies had to be ignored. Nevertheless, the commission concludes that the ‘United Kingdom action has tolerated perdition’. In addition, it leads no doubt that’ all the security forces there very quickly of were aware that the Americans terrorist suspects maltreated.

Prime minister Theresa May said yesterday that the security services after the attacks of september 11, the right training and guidance missed for the conditions under which they worked.

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