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Brazilian media have awe for the Red Devils, but warn of hubris: “Belgium apparently has no fear’

f0c01cd0c56fe621d52bd8fdb093dd8a - Brazilian media have awe for the Red Devils, but warn of hubris: "Belgium apparently has no fear'

We have the mouth full about the possible quarter-final against Brazil, but the Brazilians already awake of our Red Devils? Absolutely. Lukaku and co. have made quite an impression on the other side of the ocean, but the Brazilian media, that we are also not too high from the tower to blow it up. A summary of what Brazil over the Red Devils writes.

The Brazilian news magazine Veja on its website that Belgium, a lot of self-confidence has shown through, with victory against England to choose the most difficult tabelhelft and a possible quarter-final against Brazil:

“Who has fear to Brazil to meet in a possible quarter-final? Belgium apparently not. The so-called golden generation of the Belgians, with a host of stars in various European leagues to shine, the easiest way can choose: to lose against England and the most difficult side of the table with Brazil, Argentina, France and Portugal with Cristiano Ronaldo to avoid. (…) On social media, there was a fierce debate by the English and the Belgians about the possibility for Brazil to take. Some encouraged their team to second, others convicts that just. The debate intensified when Januzaj in the second half scored. The euphoria of the celebration and the cheers of his soldiers on the bank seemed to distrust the Belgians to hide.”

Veja cross at the same time, a warning finger on to England, that, according to the news magazine could be punished in the 1/8th finals: “Colombia choose above Japan -that a few hours earlier an embarrassing round of speculation had shown – seems not very smart…”

Correio is under the impression of the course of the Belgians at this world cup: “The possible rival of Brazil in the quarter-finals is a better world cup campaign: they won their three groepsmatchen and have the best attack of the whole competition with nine goals. Therefore they experience of all the teams the best world cup campaign so far. Belgium is the favourite against Japan, just as Brazil against Mexico. No surprises will be Belgium and Brazil against each other in the quarter-finals, where the Belgians out went in 2014 against Argentina. In Russia, they want to take the next step.”

O Dia speaks with great respect for the Red Devils: “The way that Brazil direction final result, is not the easiest. Three other ex-world champions are in the tabelhelft of the Seleção: Uruguay, France and Argentina. Together with Brazil for ten world titles. And on top of that champions, there is still Belgium, currently one of the strongest teams in the world. A sixth world title is very complicated.”

Fox Sports Brazil put trust in the opinion of the Argentine ex-vedette Hernan Crespo: “If the top players of Belgium in the shirt of Brazil or Argentina had played, they were already became world champion. The problem is that they are Belgians, they do not have the culture to win.”

The Brazilian website of ESPN had a reporter in the mixed zone after England-Belgium and noticed that the Red Devils have not wanted to pre-empt a possible quarter-final against Brazil: “The ‘Brazilian question’ is currently a prohibited subject for the Belgian ‘golden generation’, who are her role opposite Japan will have to live up to. In the mixed zone of the stadium in Kaliningrad tried the reporter with several Belgians to gauge an opinion about Brazil, but no one wanted to say something. Only Axel Witsel, who is still fluent Portuguese speaking through his time at Benfica, left an opening: “I’m going to now say, after our next match, I want that.’”

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