Belgian ’plofkraakwethouder’ way

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LOMMEL – A councillor from the Belgian Lommel is Friday left. She was arrested for a series of plofkraken. Behind the house, Anick Berghmans was an Audi with a Dutch licence plate, hidden under a tarp. That was as a getaway car used by a gang which since may for at least six atms blown up in Lommel, belgium.

Berghmans is suspected of theft and burglary and bendevorming. The last robbery of the gang were recently in Lummen and Lommel. The Belgian police suspect that the gang mainly out of Dutch criminals.

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Berghmans (38) is a member of the left-wing party sp.a. Since 2015, she is an alderman (ships) in Lommel, belgium, approximately 25 kilometers southwest of Eindhoven is located. It was Tuesday held by the municipal authorities to non-active. Her lawyer has said Wednesday that Berghmans after interrogation by the investigating judge to go home. They must, however, remain available for justice. Her friend was already previously released. According to his lawyer has shown that he isn’t involved.

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