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BEAT and the importance of the development of a Business Ecosystem

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The development of a Business Ecosystem is nowadays underestimated in the crypto industry. Many ICOs are trying to compete with several emerging and well-established competitors in flooded industries forging strategic partnerships, and create sustainable communication channels, with the idea that a novel solution to a Problem alone is enough to be successful. Every company in a particular industry is located, typically consists of various Ecosystems. The understanding of how these Ecosystems interact with each other, and possible limitations to detect and strategic partnerships forging, can be the crucial difference between success and failure of a company.

A case study of the German crypto-currency company of the BEAT, which is trying in the health and Fitness industry highlights, this. The BEAT-Ecosystem allows athletes to share their fitness data in exchange for a BEAT-Tokens and allow users to create contracts in order to remain healthy as a company that rewarded its employees for the gym.

Cross-Industry Alliances

The formation of alliances and strategic partnerships between the different sectors helps to share Knowledge and gain diverse perspectives from all sides of the spectrum.

So BEAT the castle an Alliance with several companies in the “Loyalty Group” to belong to the MySports GmbH, the magic line GmbH, the EuroFit24 GmbH and the GmbH. Each of these companies is well-established within its own specific sector functions well and helps, both knowledge as well as Knowledge about his industry. The summary of the functions and attributes of each of these companies clearly shows that they have been strategically chosen for the target of BEAT, the health and fitness industry using Blockchain technology to beat them up.

Early adaptation of the industry

Business Ecosystems are of crucial importance for any company to adapt specifically to the needs of a young industry such as that of the Blockchain technology and in this industry wants to develop.

The magic line GmbH, a strategic Partner of the BEAT, is the German market leader for Fitness Management Software with over 3,000 gyms that use their Software. Through access to your existing digital Sport Tracking platforms, the BEAT can be self-reinforcing feedback loop between the initial data migration in the direction of their Blockchain-platform use, and thus a competitive advantage in this early Phase of the industry.

Competitive advantage

If several independent companies working on a similar goal, close together, then this increases the chances of success of the company drastically.

Company and customers appreciate the partnerships and business alliances for reasons such as increased use of capital and more available consultants.

A concise summary of some of the BEAT-Partner within your business ecosystem to illustrate how important it is to achieve such a competitive advantage:

– Magic line GmbH: One of the German market leader for Fitness Management Software, which helps in the development of the BEAT Blockchain

– EuroFit24 GmbH: service provider for administrative and financial services to owners and operators of sports facilities.

– GmbH: Allows you to access your NoExcuse App and operates the Online marketplace

– Gantner Technologies Is the leading manufacturer of contactless NFC, access control, electronic Locking and cashless payment applications for the global leisure industry.

– GoCardless: creates a new international payment network, the credit and debit cards can compete.

– Life fitness: This company wants to keep the people who have started with the Lifecycle exercise bike, active, and programmes of the widest range of Cardio, strength and group training products.

Matrix Fitness Offers Cardio, strength and group exercise equipment, innovative technology and unique programming.

– InBody: a global leader in the body composition analysis industry with world class technological advances.

Their presence in the industry to further expand, has purchased the BEAT-Partner EuroFit 24 GmbH in the last 3 years, almost 100 million euros in claims from Fitness – and fitness studios.

Enhanced Revenue Inflow

Through a collaboration with established companies, a company helps also to increased sales Numbers and, possibly, Walked in industries, where a company would otherwise have kept.

Such a safety net could be for investors and customers a very attractive thing, because it promises in addition to the innovations resulting from the collaboration, and high profits.

Many of the partner companies of the BEAT, including the EuroFit 24 GmbH, the GmbH and the magic line GmbH, have already generated millions of dollars and thus contribute to an enhanced revenue inflow of the BEAT, which beat helps on the Blockchain-to focus on Integration and possible future Updates of the platform.

This is some of the most important factors that illustrate the importance of building a sustainable business ecosystem, on the basis of strategically selected partners. A company that wants to compete in a competitive market, these strategies.

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