Azealia Banks is looking for help in the case against Russell Crowe

Rapper Azealia Banks is a crowdfunding campaign has been launched to Russell Crowe to be able to sue. The singer is claiming for a while that the actor has spat at and grabbed and racist language uitsloeg.

Azealia did, right after the incident, in 2016, is already a declaration of it, but the police ruled that Russell, in his right was, because they threw a tantrum. According to justice had multiple eyewitnesses stated that they are verbally very aggressive behaved at the party in the hotel room of the actor. The attendees confirmed that Banks have a glass broke and threatened someone’s throat by cutting. Russell has hair, then violently, the suite developed.

The rapper asks her inzamelingspagina on GoFundMe now $ 100,000 (almost 87.000 euros) to the actor, still to be complaining. She claims Russell is the present has manipulated against her to testify and declares that the incident for ’irreversible damage’ to her acting career and reputation has ensured, and that they are also emotionally so. Azealia promises that if she wins the case, they are the good targets will give you.

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