Apologies BBC for onderbetalen correspondent

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LONDON – The BBC regrets that Carrie Gracie, the correspondent in China, paid less than male colleagues in comparable posts. The British public broadcaster has been apologies offered, and said the principle of equal pay for equal work fully endorse.

Carrie Gracie.

Gracie stepped in January angry after the government the BBC had forced the loongebouw to make it known. It was found that two-thirds of the earners on radio and tv man was, and that a number of them significantly more earned than female celebrities of the same level.

The BBC admitted Gracie, who is fluent in Mandarin and speaks for thirty years, the message about China, to see that they are equal would get if Jon Sopel, their man for North America. It Later came out that he every year between 200,000 and 250,000 pounds opstreek while Gracie was afgescheept with 135,000 pounds.

Made, she has the overdue wages now paid. Gracie donates the amount to a foundation that strives for equal treatment of women. It has currently a half a year unpaid leave to write, and lectures about China and gender equality.

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