American Idol winner: ’the Outcome was already known’

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Taylor Hicks, winner of the fifth season of American Idol, has admitted that the eliminations every episode took place in advance were known to the participants.

Taylor Hicks

“Throughout the production I got from someone internal the results before they were announced,” says Hicks, in an interview with WJOX radio. Also he indicates that he is certainly not the only candidate was who got to hear who it would be sent.

The only night when he did not receive the results already in advance knew it was during the finals. Then he took Taylor on Katharine McPhee. However, he says that one of the producers to give him a wink and nod he gave before the result was announced and he learned that he had won.

Although Taylor does not say that the show is rigged, it is now some question as to how sincere the startled reactions of the candidates and the drop-outs if the outcome is made known. It is not known if this is only in the fifth season of American Idol happened, or that this is the standard way of things. And this happens only with American Idol, or even our own Idols?

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